Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Mighty Mississippi

The Mighty Mississippi

Morning comes
Another hotel along the highway
The voice of a friend’s celebration with my coffee
Breakfast with a stranger’s family & bags packed skillfully
We head North East again from Iowa toward the Mississippi
Long slow roads, big gray clouds and green green everywhere
Independence Iowa and the De
vil took to beating his wife again

Lost in a Field of Dreams
Grasses dancing in the wind
Giggles against the sound of thunder
Lightening strikes the sky alight with wonder
Our wheels turn and turn and
turn again toward

The mighty Mississippi, not so wide, not so fast, not so dirty way up North but a mighty river still

Bridges to the other side whisper “cross here” but it’s not time to cross over yet, we will, morning will come soon

Clancy’s Supper Club warms up
slowly to the sound of our song, then shares a song or two of it’s own before Lansing too fades from view

Warnings of road closures don't change the course of this train, the end of this day holds a promise of comfort and stately decadence in a well heeled old lady's embrace

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