Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 37 - Boston to Philadelphia

Boston was a nice rest for me. We arrived at my friend Lina’s home in Winchester and she enveloped us in the warm quietude of her world. She provided us with maps, directions, wine, a comfortable bed, good music, wholesome food, fresh cream for my coffee, fresh flowers in the kitchen, space to unwind, a place for my stuff, my first book on tape (which I’ll start listening to on the way to Buenos Aires in just a few days), a trip to the museum for Jimmy, a referral to a good hair-dresser for me, a bike to ride around the lake nearby, open spaces to spread out and clear our minds, great water pressure in the shower, a girls afternoon out, a dinner with friends, rich conversation, a view to her life, and more. Each time on our journey when we’ve stayed with friends and family, or even just eaten in their homes, it has been comforting, warm and joyful. They have opened their hearts and their homes and worked so hard to make us feel welcomed. This is a nod to the friends who’ve been our respite on our journey and the face of one more good friend who greeted us along the road to Buenos Aires.

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