Monday, June 23, 2008

The East Coast Leg of the Tour Begins...

Day 31 - We head for Connecticut

Being in New York City is always exciting but I've never had as much fun here as I did this time!

It feels like we did everything and then some.

Short on sleep and long on fun the last 3 days have been jam packed
with experiences and it has been a blast to walk, eat, shop, play and do New York with my best friend.

Places we saw in 3 days and 4 nights in New York City:





Lower East Side

East Village


Empire State Building

Museum of Modern Art

New Bowery Museum

More art galleries than I can recall

Restaurants unending

Libation night club

Times Square

Rockefeller Center

Central Park

Macy's New York

Stores Gallore

More taxis than, well, New York City

The Naked Cowboy's Wife

The East River

Pennsylvania Station

911 site

The Hudson River

More bridges than I care to list

White Party
Warsaw Club


St. Patrick's Cathedral

An good friend of Jimmy's

Whew! I don't think I left anything out, I know I did, but I just can't recall anything else.
We'll see you later Big Apple...


Keith said...

Who let Tony into NY ?!?
I didnt ok his entry !

Jimmy Danko said...

He told me he ok'd it with you. If I would have known his entry was unsanctioned I would have acted accordingly.

Tony said...

You could see me on your screen Spaniard. You said that if I can't get ahold of you and I need to leave, I could just wear the collar and I did.