Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 12 - Ramblings and Red Bull Count

Ramblings written mostly on the road during Day 12...

Continental Divide

A salty lake,
powder sugar mountains,
and another town fades from rearview.
84 East and orange signs.
doubling fines,
and rusted water tower wines.
Red Bull, red rock,
interstate outcrop.
Interstate caffeine machine.
We race old man train East,
along his steel-track beard.
A Mad Max cowboy driving a soda pop can,
a yellow line spaceship.
Fuel and fireworks next exit.
Rest stop to ignite them one mile.
Uhaul, Wehaul, freefall.
18 wheel rubber roadkill.
Junction 80 East.
Big sky.
Roaming through Wyoming,
like driving through an empty ocean,
or giant gravel sandbox quarry.
I need another Red Bull.
Green River Rails.
Gasoline sails.
Rawlins, Laramie, Colorado state line.
Through Laporte.
Past La Poudre River.
Two old friends,
a few new ones,
and a Fort Collins fort to rest in.

Fort Collins, CO- Until June 7
Somewhere in the middle of Iowa- June 7
Winona, MN- June 8
Gilman, WI- June 9
Milwaukee, WI- June 12
NYC- June 19
Connecticut- June 23
Boston, MA
- June 26
Philadelphia, PE- June 29
Washington D.C.- July 2
Buenos Aires, Argentina - July 6

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are in like flatland by now.
Ever read Flatland? No need now!
Blips on lines.
Enjoy those Fresh Dimensions to come beneath the new set of stars.

Ciao, B