Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day 34 - The Connecticut I Remember

We left Connecticut yesterday. It was my first time visiting the state, and a time I won't soon forget. Unlike New York, we didn't go to any crazy parties, or walk through any world renowned museums, but my time there I will hold with me just same.


I'll remember:

- drawing an "battle map" with Sophie (9) and Graham (8).
- making a new friend in a 90lb rotty named Hobbs.
- laughing as Graham stuffed his face with chicken fingers and fries.

- kayaking with Annie in a quiet harbor of Long Island Sound.
- meeting and touring the studio of the sculptor Robert Taplin.
- discovering how every restaurant in Milford, CT seemed to be named after me.
- Jeffrey's amazing carpentry and woodwork.
- Jeffrey sucking spilled wine off the table with a straw during dinner at the only restaurant in Milford not named after me.

- remembering how wonderful it is to go for a walk at dusk.
- hanging out with a 9 year old girl Sophie who was about to move with her parents from Montreal, Canada to Barbados.
- marveling at how she was only nine and already spoke two languages, was moving to another country, and seemed to be taking it all completely in stride (impressive).
- walking quietly through the past with Annie and her dear friends.
- being welcomed into the house of two strong, amazing and enlightening people, Jeffrey and Julia Carter.

Currently Listening To:
The rain against the patio doors.

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A map of Winchester, Massachusetts

Current Daydream:
Planet of the Apes was based off of a true story.

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