Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 28 & 29 - Art, Warsaw & White Party

DAY 28

After grabbing a sweet soul food breakfast at M & G's near the Apollo Theater, Friday found us leaving our tiny room at the Harlem Y and parking our bags instead in Midtown. The afternoon would be spent taking in the work of the masters at MOMA. The night would find us at a music venue in Brooklyn called Warsaw. There we were fortunate enough to experience the unique music and artwork of Daniel Johnston (watch trailer).

DAY 29
Saturday night will stand as a night I will not soon forget. Somehow we found ourselves on the guest list for a White Party on the Lower East Side. I felt like a cross between a Miami druglord, a male nurse and the milk man. Interestingly, in New York, that is a recipe for an insane night.

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graffiti on Lower East Side

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