Saturday, June 21, 2008

Down to Just the Luggage~

19June2008 Thursday, Day 27, bound for New York City - posted a couple of days late;)~

As we walked down the concourse today on our way toward airport security I felt something new letting go. Jimmy’s parents drove us to the airport because they also bought our last remaining vehicle. During our stay in Milwaukee I received news from the property manager we hired that our condo in San Diego is now happily occupied by people we will never meet and who loved our color choices. Each month there will be a check for the balance between what they pay and what it costs to maintain. Funny, I don’t even know what they are paying for rent. I hear they are nice.

I said to Jimmy as we stood in the security line, “We only have luggage now. No cars, no jobs, no house, just luggage.” Jimmy answered that likely we’ll get used to it quickly. We seem to adjust pretty quickly to each new change.

We got a great head’s up from Jimmy’s sister Anne Marie. She lived in France for a time when she worked for EuroDisney. She said that it took everyone who moved there about 6 weeks to adjust. During that first 6 weeks emotions run high and clarity is less common than confusion, is how I interpreted what she wrote. No matter how well, or at all, you speak the language, it takes time to adjust and then it is done. I'm looking forward to everything, but mostly to being in Argentina and building our life there, our business, our community.

For now I find myself adjusting more and more to being a part of a new family. Jimmy has known my son and his girlfriend Jasmine for a while now and he met my mom and sister weeks ago. This week has been the week I was welcomed into his family, embraced by his friends, begun to find a place for myself there. Little enough time to even meet everyone, though we didn’t miss many, I will have time to deepen these relationships by mail, email and Skype.

For now we are on to the next stop. Our East Coast leg of the tour begins in earnest tomorrow in New York with a trip to MOMA and breakfast at the Harlem YMCA.

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