Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 15 - Fort Collins

As Day 15 draws to an end, we are on the eve of the infamous never-ending trek across Nebraska. The wonderful health and environmentally conscious town Fort Collins treated us well. It gave us a place to stay and held for us love from close friends. With my bags packed and a pillow awaiting my head, the following things stand out for me during our time here:

1. Having complete strangers lend us their home to stay in.
2. Going for a walk in the rain with three of my closest friends.
3. Being around the amazing spirit and love of my old friend Patrick.
4. Seeing my dog Samson who now lives in Fort Collins with Patrick.
5. Dip cones at Dairy Queen.
6. Samson doesn't chase cars, but he chased ours when we left...

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