Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home For a Spell...

I love to travel. I know, not everyone does, but I do. I love the new places and people and I enjoy finding my
way around and the excitement of it all. I manage all the details pretty well. Of course, there are things I miss. I try not to think of them too often in the moment, to focus on the fun and adventure of where I am and who I’m with. Still, coming home and doing laundry is one of the best moments of any trip.

When my friend Maggie learned we were coming to visit her in Fort Collins she created a rare opportunity for us. She found us a home to stay in. Her neighbors happen to be away the same week we are here and so they have graciously allowed us to stay in their home during their absence. We have done laundry
, bought groceries (just a few) and cooked a meal at home (no waitress, no check, no drive back to the hotel). We actually got a bottle of wine and had friends over. No maid service either, which, and this is funny, can get old sometimes. To top it off Maggie made me this beautiful yoga mat bag with her own hands in honor of the journey I am taking and where it will end.

It is a gift made of love and receiving it has touched my heart in a wa
y I can’t explain. Whenever I look at it I think of my lovely friend sitting in her house with her brow knit and a heart filled with love for me and I feel that love touch me as if I could feel the hands that made it. My friends from Leadership will recognize the logo. It is the logo of our tribe, the Buffalo. It stands for Fierce Courageous Love. Thank you Maggie. You are a fine friend.

Jimmy’s friend Patrick also
lives here and I have had a wonderful time getting to know him. I enjoy watching the way Jimmy is different with different people. This man, Patrick, elicits a certain voice from Jimmy I’ve not seen before and that is a wonderful thing to watch. Jimmy’s dog Samson lives with Patrick and it was a joy to see him as well, to see the two of them together again, to walk with Samson and Patrick in the rain and see Jimmy play with them both.

We all went to a yoga class together this morning (Patrick, Jimmy and I, not Samson) and as I walked in to the studio I discovered my friend Adam from Bikram yoga teacher training is teaching here in Fort Collins. Adam and I emceed the talent show together at Yoga Camp and seeing him here, getting to take his yoga class and share a few tips and stories was heart warming. All in all, this has been the stop on the trip, for me, that has felt most like home, though I have never been to this place before.

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