Thursday, May 22, 2008

Travel Dates

And So It Begins...

I quit my job last week.
Our stuff is boxed and gone.
It sits in some West Coast port,
bound for the open seas and the southern hemisphere.
The only key left in our possession is the one for our car.
One key.
No home.
So I guess we're unemployed and homeless.
Despite their traditional undertones, those words make me smile.

Tomorrow a 44 day, cross-country roadtrip begins.
It ends with a one way flight to Buenos Aires.
There we make a go of opening the Yoga/Art Studio.

The blog is set:

Follow along as little or as often as you like.
Pass it on to anyone you want.

Here's list of the places we'll hit along the way, and the days we'll arrive there:

Los Angeles, CA - May 23
Monteray, CA - May 25
San Francisco, CA - May 26
Reno, NV - May 28
Las Vegas, NV - May 29
Ogden, UT - June 1
Fort Collins, CO- June 3
Somewhere in the middle of Iowa- June 7
Winona, MN- June 8
Gilman, WI- June 9
Milwaukee, WI- June 12
NYC- June 19
Connecticut- June 23
Boston, MA
- June 26
Philadelphia, PE- June 29
Washington D.C.- July 2
Buenos Aires, Argentina - July 6

7 years ago, I wrote these words down in one of my journals. At the time I was back in Wisconsin working two jobs, just trying to save enough money to get out to California. Now on the eve of this journey, for the second time in my life, what I wrote back then seems somewhat fitting:

One morning I will awake,
and I won't be sleeping here anymore.
I'll look around me
and everything I see will be unfamiliar.
My shadow will have no name,
and all that I know will seem incredibly minuscule
in relation to that which I don't.
As I start that day I will know little or nothing of what it will hold,
and it will be then that my soul will take in,
and then expend, its deepest breathe.

Take care friends. I hope to catch you on the flipside, whenever and wherever that may be.

Peace and much love,

There are a million places I know all of you from on this email list. Some I have grown up with. And some of you I have been fortunate to have randomly had a chance to sit next to on an airplane. Plus everything in between. While you have had some glimpse of who I am, there's one person who you most likely don't know. She is one of the most amazing people I've ever had the chance to meet. And she is the the one embarking on this journey with me. My partner in crime, my girlfriend, Annie. Without her this surreal adventure would not be possible. I know I don't say it nearly enough, but thank you Annie for you just being you, and all that you bring into my life. Usted es mi rayo del sol, mi amor.


Michael Stodola said...

You go boooooyeeeeee!

Little Sis said...

"Your heart understands what your head cannot yet conceive; trust your heart."

Have a safe trip! I have a whole day in Milwaukee planned for you - building a fort with sticks in the yard, walking in the tunnels under Racine Avenue but not telling Mom even if I get my shoes stuck in the mud and you leave me behind, throwing rotten apples in the creek and hoping Dad doesn't find out which he will when we don't get any rain for a few weeks, playing ping pong in the basement until we lose all the balls up in the ducts, playing some Atari hooked up to the broken tv from 1985, nerf basketball games in the hallway until we get yelled at for making too much noise, baseballs games with coffee can lid bases even though there aren't any more garage windows left to break, playing in the old barn in the field oh wait that collapsed a few years oh my, it will be a fun day :)