Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 5 - San Francisco

As each of these days go by I try not to look to far ahead and just stay in the moment - stay in the day. With all that lies ahead, it is easy to get caught up in all that we are going to do. I think its the difference between me becoming part of the day, and the day becoming part of me. In other words...

I was weights in an early morning workout,
and the packed markets of mid-day Chinatown.
I was a rented bike in North Beach,
and an enormous steel cable on the Golden Gate Bridge.
I was a Buena Vista Irish Coffee with Annie,
and a taxi ride with a New Zealand cabbie.
I was a rare pile of clean laundry,
and a home cooked dinner with close friends.
I was the twilight horizon seen from Coit Tower,
and the clacking of empty streetcar tracks.
Tonight I am the streets of San Francisco,
and the cold homeless wind.
I am the approaching end of Day 5,
and directions to Reno.


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Longshanks said...

He's Greezy as ever.

Anonymous said...

Shanks is right!