Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 41 - Washington DC - The end of the line...


After 15 states, 41 days and over 5000 miles on the road, we approach our final day in the US.

A silence floats across our hotel room for me,
and a wonder permeates my thoughts.
It's 1am.
I stood outside the White House today,
and amidst hundreds of portraits at the museum.
So much to take in.
With each answer comes 5 more questions.
All the words that come to my mind seem so small.
I sit here forever changed by a drive across the country.
I glance down at my forearm and the tattoo I got at the beginning of the trip:
It means "holding firmly to the truth."
We leave soon and that's what feels most right to hold in my mind.
The truth.

Tomorrow = fireworks. I can't wait....

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